What We Do

Organizational Consulting:

We partner with organizations that know they need to evolve to stay relevant. We facilitate and advise to drive growth by taking friction out of new ways of working. Through identifying new trends, tools and challenges, we develop actionable strategies, tactics and implement solutions to help future-proof organizations. 

We believe that transformative growth is best achieved through utilizing open methodologies, collaborative business models, tools and technologies. Our strategies are founded on crowd-based principles which is why we call ourselves the Open Assembly. We structure each engagement around four key growth phases: Learn, Experiment, Build, and Scale.

Platform Consulting

We develop actionable go-to-market strategies for Open System platforms to help proliferate and accelerate the growth of their market share. We believe that a rising tide floats all boats in that the success of each platform helps grow the overall market. To accomplish this we focus our engagements on Market Research, Business and Software Strategy and Brand Communications. 

Here are some of the ways our clients engage us:


Business Transformation

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Model Prototyping

  • Growth Acceleration

  • Organizational Structure

  • Service and Culture Design

  • Benchmarking and Best Practices

Strategy Development

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Research & Ethnography

  • Future Scenario Planning

  • New Market Discovery

  • Experience (Re)invention

  • Venture Strategy

  • Innovation Processes


  • Partnership Identification
  • Partnership Networking
  • Technology Partnerships
  • Leadership Placement & Recruiting