Open Assembly

Speakeasy Guild

A platform matching talent to task

With background in Advertising, the Open Assembly team knew there was a better way to get work done. So, we created Speakeasy Guild, a platform to better match talent to task. The platform is used to input a project’s need, deliverables, budget and required relevant category experience. In addition, it houses the Guild, a network of talent categorized and filtered by discipline and category experience. The platform also continues to improve in recommendations through rating both client and talent at the completion of a project.  Through our platform, we’ve completely projects for a range of companies like Sonos, Sunbrella, and PopSockets.


Open Tools Registry

Subscription Service curating the best Open Tools

Throughout our collective experiences, we’ve gotten to know many open tools and best practices.  After being continually asked for recommendations, we realized there is no central repository of the tools. So, we created one. In partnership with Klick Inc., we created the Open Tools Registry.  A subscriptions-based central repository for open tools to support idea generation processes.  It features an easy to navigate and filter categorization to match with the right platforms quickly.  

Local Motors

Creating the Forth Platform

Local Motors took the automotive category by storm when they showed up to the Las Vegas Auto Show with an engine and a 3D printer.  Throughout the show, they printed a car and drove it out of convention hall the last day. And even more, it was designed and developed through co-creation. While received innovation accolades in the auto industry for what they created, they also thought their was an opportunity with their how. Their co-creation platform of engineers proved that powerful ideas can come from anywhere.

However, as a company oriented around making cars, they needed help to bringing this second idea to life.   

Open Assembly helped identify the tension point, leading business restructure to two separate organizations - Local Motors, vehicles, and, the co-creation platform. We helped identify the opportunity, position the platform and offering, assess and create a tech roadmap, rebrand, and even expand their team.  


Tech Hack: Doable

Defining and Refining a Platform Integration Plan

Co:Collective is a strategy and innovation consultancy that is always looking to find new ways of digitally transform their business. In 2016, they built the co-creation platform, Doable, to help their clients innovate their business using the power of their employees. Co: sought to mimic  the success of their clients by applying the Doable platform to their own business. However, they encountered a problem. The needs of their clients were very different from their internal needs with regard to what the platform could deliver. Open Assembly compiled a team of industry and category experts to conduct a Tech Hack to both understand what the platform needs were within Co: and develop a priority and integration plan to help align Doable with Co: to help deliver success through co-creation.