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Tech Hack

A Tech Hack is a full-day, intensive working session lead by a curated Open Assembly team comprised of category, business strategy, platform and UX experts. The goal of the session is to develop a alignment between key stakeholders around platform development and/or integration within a company. Each Tech Hack is structured with a three-phased approach. First, the Open Assembly team immerses themselves in the current platform, or platform aspirations in the context of the client's business. Second, through a series of structured exercises  the Open Assembly teams collects the needed inputs from the client team during a working session to put together a tech recommendation. Lastly, the Open Assembly team synthesizes all of the information from the immersion and the Tech Hack session to put together a final platform recommendation. 



The Open Assembly team has more than three decade of experience in practicing and implementing open methodologies within new and legacy business structures. Our team comprises leading experts and thought leaders in the Open Innovation sector, each with unique industry backgrounds and areas of expertise. Through consulting, the Open Assembly team is positioned to help organizations integrate and implement their own Open Innovation strategies.

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Having founded, managed and sold multiple successful brands, companies and agencies, the Open Assembly team offers unique experience on how to drive value and growth through adopting open systems and practices. Our practical experience building companies in industries that are being radically transformed by technology from closed business models to open ones help contextualize

Open Innovation and make it actionable within an organization.