Our Process

Open Assembly believes that Open Systems are at the core of nearly every industry disruption. Whether they are major paradigm shifts, like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook and Wikipedia, or smaller, more incremental progressions like G.E. and Siemens. No industry is immune from the rapid changes that Open Systems bring to bear. Emerging and legacy businesses alike are able to benefit by integrating Open Systems into their internal and external structures to transform themselves, drive growth and stay ahead of industry disruption. Organizations using Open Systems report better, cheaper and faster solutions that help meet innovation objectives.

Each engagement with Open Assembly focuses on identifying challenges and opportunities that can best be solved with the integration or creation of Open Systems. To make the topic actionable, we break out each project into four unique phases; Research, Experimentation, Communication, and Scalability.


The first step in integrating Open Systems into a new or existing business model is to learn how open to transformation the business is. Many companies need to take a measured, incremental approach to transformation, while a few can undergo large-scale, Open System led changes. Understanding this distinction early helps to align Open System outcomes with realistic expectations. After conducting internal and market research, we run a diagnostics process measuring how close to the core of your business model Open Systems can be integrated.

We use this information, alongside an immersion session, key stakeholder interviews and a one-day workshop to identify challenges and opportunities that can best leverage Open Systems and provide practical recommendations for moving forward. The output of this phase is an audit of how open to change your business is, where Open Systems can be integrated within your business and also a recommendation on tactical next steps.


Once Open System integration opportunities are established we move into a rapid prototyping and testing phase. This phase will develop and deploy an Open Systems offering quick learnings through the use of existing platforms. Throughout the prototyping process, Open Assembly will audit what features are bringing the most value to your organization. We will use this information and present a series of exercises, via an in-person workshop, to define what types of Open Systems are beneficial to solving your identified challenges. Additionally, we create a recommendation on if your challenge can be solved with existing platforms or the create of a new one.


After aligning on a platform recommendation we help you roadmap and build the open systems you need to transform your organization. In addition, the Open Assembly team will hold a one-day workshop designed to position the newly defined Open System offering as a key point of market differentiation. The output of this phase is an outward facing brand positioning framework and internal facing manifesto. Open Assembly believes that both external and internal facing communication needs to be developed in order to foster an adoptive culture of Open System integration.


The Open Assembly team has more than a decade of experience in researching and helping to build open innovation across private, public and nonprofit sectors. The team has collectively run over 1000 open challenges and has built an expertise for taking things from the build phase to the scale phase, integrating open innovation to become a main driver of an organization's transformation and innovation efforts.